Steel Basket strainer

Steel Basket strainer Main features: Basket strainer has same function as Y strainer, but its filtration area is much bigger. The strainers are normally installed at the inlet of pressure reducing valve, pressure relief valve, water level control valve or other equipments to eliminate impurities in the flow, so as to protect valves and plants. Design standard :ASME B16.34 Product range : 1.Pressure range :CLASS    150Lb~1500Lb 2.Nominal diameter :  NPS        2~48″ 3.Body material:Carbon steel, Stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, Alloy steel, Nickel alloy 4.End connection :RF   RTJ   BW Product features: Vertical filter chamber, strong capacity to accommodate impurities; Top entry design, basket type screen, convenient for cleaning and replacement of screen; Filtration area is large, small pressure loss.

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