PVC conduit pipe

PVC Conduit Pipe

Size: 16mm,20mm,25mm,32mm,40mm

Length: 2m,3m,4m,according to need

Thickness: 1.0mm to 2.0mm

Color: white, blue- white, grey

Usage: Construction building, decorative engineering; electrical power installation engineering


1.Price:a long performance life at a competitive price

2.Appearncae:Round,Smooth,No impurity, Light

3.Toughness:Not easy to break when bending

4.Hardness:High impact resistance

5.Fire resistance:High index of oxygen, quickly self-extinguishing

6.Non-conductive: Resist 25kv voltage, avoid the leakage and electrical shock

7.Life time: Up to 50 years in normal use

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