NAB C95800 Globe Valves

Aluminum-bronze valves are a suitable and far cheaper substitute to duplex, super duplex, and monel for many seawater applications, especially in low-pressure applications. Its major drawback is its low tolerance to heat. Aluminium-bronze is also referred to as nickel-aluminum bronze and abbreviated as NAB. C95800 offers superior saltwater corrosion resistance. It also is resistant to cavitation and erosion. Along with the advantage of pressure tightness, this high-strength alloy is excellent for welding and is available in many forms at a lower cost to you. So NAB C95800 Globe valves are typically used for shipbuilding with seawater or fire water application.  

The Fact That NAB C95800 Globe Valves

  •  cost-effective (cheaper than the exotic alternatives);
  •  long-lasting (comparable in performance on general corrosion, pitting, and cavitation to super duplex alloys and significantly better than the standard alloys), and
  •  a good valve material (does not gall, has excellent anti-fouling properties, and is a good thermal conductor), makes it an excellent choice for valves in seawater service.

NAB C95800 Globe Valve Material Construction

Body, Bonnet, Disc Cast Ni-Alu bronze ASTM B148-C95800 Stem, Back Seat Ring Alu-Bronze ASTM B150-C63200 or Monel 400 Gaskets & Packing Graphite or PTFE Bolting, Fasteners Stainless Steel A194-8M & A193-B8M Hand Wheel Cast Iron A536+Anti-corrosive plastic

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