Flange End Double Bellow Flexible Joint Braided Hose

Product name: Flange End Double Bellow Flexible Joint Braided Hose Anti-vibration metal hose, with fixed flanged ends, is good at decreasing vibration and noise. The project quality and service life of equipment will be significantly advanced if such hoses are installed at inlet and outlet of the pump and compressor. The product can avoid disadvantages of rubber fitting, such as aging and burst caused by material fatigue and failure. This vibration absorption hose is a good choice for engineering design and application because it can not only reduce the vibration and noise during operation but also compensate misalignment of pipeline. Material of bellows: SUS304(SUS316L is also available) Material of braid: SUS304 Connection: Flanged connection Joint material: Carbon steel and SUS304, SUS316L Notes: If you have any other requirement, please contact us.