Fabric Expansion Joint

Fabric Expansion Joint consist of fabric, heat insulation cotton and metal components. It can not only absorb axial movements of pipelines by flexibility deformation of fabrics, but also compensate a little lateral movements or axial and lateral movements in combination. Besides, it can compensate angular movements. As fluoroplastics and organosilicone are parts of materials, the product has many advantages, such as zero thrust, simplified support design, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, vibration decoupling, noise reduction etc., so it usually applies to warm-air pipes and smoke pipes. There are two ways of installations, one is the flanged connection, the other is weld end connection. The tie rod of this type of expansion joints is only used to support during the transportation or as an adjustment for the product’s predeformation but not to carry any force. Nominal Diameter: DN80-DN8000 Working Pressure: -20 KPa /+50KPa Working Temperature: -80℃/+1000℃ Connection: Slip-on flange connection or pipe end connection Material of Connection: Carbon steel GB/T 700 for standard use(Special material of connection to meet specific customer & industry requirements) Other choices: Inner sleeve, carbon steel, SUS304(SUS 321 and SUS316L are also available) Notes: If you have any other requirement, please contact us.

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