Bevel Gear Knife Gate Valves

knife gate valves, are designed for convenient, unrestrictive control over pipeline flow. Specifically made for industrial use, size range from DN50-DN1800  in one piece casting body. The knife gate valves are ideal for onshore and offshore pipelines as well as for industrial-product lines and service-oriented lines. Type: Uni directional Gear Operation Knife Gate Valves   Valve Body:Ductile iron GGG40&Stainless Steel   Structure Available:Rising Stem/Non Rising Stem   Knife:SS304/SS316/SS2205   Stem:SS420/SS304/SS316   Seat Types:EPDM/NBR/VITON/PTFE/Metal to Metal   Connection Available:EN1092 PN10,JIS 10K   Max Working pressure:   DN300~DN450:7Bar   DN500~DN600:4Bar   DN700-DN900:2Bar   DN1000-DN1200:1Bar